Monday, 14 February 2011

I have more work to put up on my blog but you will have to wait... sorry!

Gant, Regent Street Store - window display

I was involved with the install for Gant at Regent Street Store with Elemental. It was nice to go back there as it gave me the chance to say hello to the guys I used to work for and have the opportunity to see the new stock.
I helped fixing the large wooden blinds (background) to the wall, touching up and placing the furniture into the window.

Freelance Work

Due to finishing my temporary contract with Gant I decided to head back to Elemental and work freelance..Whoop!!!

Gant, Regent Street Store- Visual Merchandiser

I worked with Gant before and over christmas at the Flagship Store and Head Office.
My job involved internal displays, outfit decisions, dressing, accessorizing mannequins. This would be presented on each of the floors including menswear, womenswear, homewear and kidswear.

Older Libertys project 2010

This Liberty's Project was produced and installed at the end of last year by Elemental. We installed these poly tress which were connected to pillars with long structured branches connected to the ceiling with leave garlands draping from them. Due to not having the photos I have managed to grab them from work, so hope you like them. I was involved with this night install which took all night but was a success and Liberty's loved the outcome.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Catch up!!

When I have a spare 10 minutes I will update my blog with all my projects and work which I have been involved with over christmas. This will be including Gant Visual Merchandising - Gant Regent st store, Gant Head Office (Knightsbridge) and a Liberty's and Mulberry projects.

The Brewery

It's been a busy time for me over the Christmas period with window installs.
Before Christmas I got involved with a project called 'The Brewery' with Elemental. I helped wrap and fix water laser-cut garlands to lights which were made by scratch. Each one had to be individually checked and had to be wrapped which could be then sent off.